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Bomber BBQ Signature Dry Rubs

Bomber BBQ Signature Dry Rubs

Small-batch rubs that will take your meal to the next level. 

We can also create custom rubs in smaller sizes for your tournament, wedding or corporate event at a wholesale cost.

150 minimum quantity order. Please give a 2-3 week notice. E-mail Mike.


-Classic BBQ Bomber adds the right amount of heat, sweet, umami, tart and smoky to anything you put it on. Insanely good on grilled meats, veggies and in dips.


-Gregg Barsby's signature BarsbyQue Bomber Blend combines a coffee rub with some traditional smoky/spicy/sweet/salty/tart flavors to bring your next BBQ to the next level! A percentage of sales goes directly to support Gregg's touring costs!


-Kristine King's signature Italian Buono Bomber Blend has an Italian flair with rosemary, herbs and garlic forward flavor.

A percentage sales goes directly back to KK for touring costs!


-Sky High Hot AF - Sky High Scoville Peppers hooks up the crazy heat for you chiliheads out there, a notch up from our Classic BBQ blend.


-Ozi Burrito Bomber - Supporting a dedicated junior player in Oziel Ortega, PDGA#174464, out of Pasadena, Texas! This rub can flavor anything from seasoning taco meat, add to guacamole, add to chili, or blend with tomatoes for a great salsa.


*If ordering a Custom 5-Pack, leave your choices in the Order Notes.


Any way you try'em, bombs away baby!


    Giving Back to the Disc Golf Community and Beyond.

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